Our offices in France and Belgium

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Our offices in France and Belgium

Photo de notre agence immobilière à Aix en Provence C.COOLS REAL ESTATE, LUXURY REAL ESTATE

Real estate agency located in Aix-en-Provence in France and Clermont-sous-Huy in Belgium, C.Cools Real Estate puts at your disposal a team of professionals, perfectly trilingual (French - English - Dutch), to assist and follow its customers national and international in the realization of its real estate project in all confidentiality and with a fully personalized service.

Everything will be done to make your project to acquire a property, a villa a perfect success. You will find among our selection a choice of traditional houses, farmhouses and bastides of Provence, charming houses with luxurious services, prestigious properties and a large variety of villas, with or without the sea view.

As part of the sale of your property, your apartment, land or villa, our real estate agency makes available, and with your consent, a set of important means in marketing and national and international distribution, for a striking sales impact. and relevant on the sale of your property.

C.Cools Real Estate also offers the service of seasonal rental.

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Our services SELL - RENT? Your property interests us!   Selling or renting your property is a great adventure, but one must be prepared carefully. One of the keys to selling or renting well and quickly is determining the fair value of the sale or rent price. A wise seller or lessor must take market trends into account so that the transaction can...

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